Sausage Patties vs. Sausage Links

Melinda Nunery

     Let’s be honest, do you really want your sausage encased in pig intestines? I know I don’t. Sausage links may fancy your taste buds, but why not get the same thing without the intestines.

      You get more bang for your buck with sausage patties. Have you ever compared the size of a sausage patty to a sausage link? Patties are always larger.

      If you make your own sausage patties, you can let your creativity go wild. Shape your patties into hearts, stars, squares or even circles!

     The next time you’re having sausage for breakfast, remember that patties are all around better than links.




Alexandra Newman

     How to describe sausage links? The only words that could possibly describe them would be little logs of deliciousness. Sausage links are appropriate in many occasions. Typically a breakfast food, these yummy hunks of cooked pork can really be eaten for any meal.

     Sausage links come in many different flavors, too. They have maple flavored ones, to go with your syrup, spicy ones with a kick and they even have turkey and chicken ones also. Sausage links are a staple to any Sunday morning breakfast. They are convenient and delicious.

     When you think of sausage, you think of links not patties, whether it’s bratwurst, kielbasa, salami, pepperoni, hot dogs and even bologna is a type of sausage that can come in this shape link.

     So when you need something to go with your breakfast, lunch or dinner, get yourself some sausage links.

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